Join the SAUK Saffa Map

Howzit fellow South Africans, listen up we have exciting news!

South Africans UK Online magazine has launched a google map that will help Saffa’s find other Saffa’s in their local area as well as South African businesses like SA shops, biltong producers, restaurants, markets etc.

Should you wish to be part of this community please complete the form below.

**NB Please provide a FULL post code or we won’t able to add you.

Unless you are a business, your exact location will not be revealed. The location given will be your closest public place, not your actual postcode and will be linked to your FB profile or email address (directions to find FB URL on mobile and computer below). This will allow Saffa’s to message one another and give more personal details should they wish to do so.

To find your FB url on a computer go into your FB personal profile, your URL appears in the bar above (see below). Copy the link and paste onto the form. Please make sure you add all dots & dashes if you add this manually.

To find your FB url on your mobile phone go into your FB personal profile click on the 3 dots and your profile link URL will appear at the bottom. Copy the link and paste onto the form.

Thanks for your time and welcome to the SAUK Saffa Map!!

Should you wish to have your details removed or updated please email

This map will be manually updated on a weekly basis.

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