RAKQ Wines

RAKQ is your go-to speciality retailer for premium South African wine in the UK. Launched in 2020 to support passionate winemakers impacted by the domestic ban on alcohol, RAKQ is on a mission to champion SA wine through its online shop, wine club, and wine tasting events.


To help you choose your wine with confidence, we list a very careful selection of hand-picked bottles from some of the country’s best and also lesser-known producers. Whether you’re looking for an iconic Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon or a special bottle of Trincadeira from Malgas, RAKQ has something to suit your taste.

The company was founded by Sebastian Rezek, an SA Expat living in London and die-hard wine enthusiast surprised by the limited choice of South African wine on UK shelves.

At a time when South Africa is making some of the best premium wine in its history, widely praised by critics as offering tremendous value for money, Sebastian took the plunge and setup RAKQ as the first British importer and retailer focussed entirely on premium South African wine.

RAKQ customers can enjoy exclusive and award-winning wines delivered to your door in 48 hours. RAKQ is also licensed to supply wines for on-trade and off-trade.

RAKQ Wines
Tel: +44 0776 781 0916
Email: contact@rakq.com