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12 Tips on Driving in the Cold Weather

With the extreme weather in the winter months, driving can become more difficult and sometimes hazardous. Here are a few tips to make your winter drives safe and incident-free.

• Check your lights and bulbs are working correctly.

• Make sure your tyres are in good health.

• Check your wiper blades function properly.

• Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged for use in an emergency.

• Keep a pack in your car with warm clothing, some food and water in the event you do breakdown and are stuck.

• Check your battery and ensure it is regularly maintained, charged and in good health.

• Clear your windscreen fully before driving. Cold air works better than warm air. It is illegal to drive if your visibility is impeded.

• If your visibility is reduced to 100 metres you should engage your fog lights.

• Make sure you have enough fuel for your trip.

• When driving in snow, pull off in second gear, be gentle on the throttle and use the gears to slow down. Touch brakes lightly to show brake lights to others behind you. Harsh acceleration or braking can cause wheel spin.

• Black ice can cause skidding, do not hit the brakes. Lift foot off the accelerator and try to keep the steering straight.

• Always keep a safe distance.

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