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Watch: Ndlovu Youth Choir – Shosholoza Feat. Kaunda Ntunja

“Shosholoza” holds a significant place in South African musical heritage, originating from the rich tapestry of gold miners in the region. Its captivating rhythm and deep-rooted cultural significance have earned it the endearing title of South Africa’s second national anthem.

Ndlovu Youth Choir performing “Shosholoza Feat. Kaunda Ntunja” 

In 2021, the Ndlovu Youth Choir dedicated their performance to the late isiXhosa rugby commentator, Kaunda Ntunja who became a household name for his talented reporting of the sport.

We dedicate our performance to the late isiXhosa commentator, Kaunda Ntunja who’s poetic commentary warmed the hearts of all rugby-loving supporters. Go Bokke! #StrongerTogether

Ndlovu Youth Choir

As “Shosholoza” continues to echo through the generations, it reminds us all of the beauty and strength of South Africa’s diverse cultural heritage. The song’s timeless appeal serves as a beacon of unity and celebration, forever etching its place in the hearts of the people, binding them together with a shared sense of pride and belonging. Go Bokke!






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