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Loxtonia Cider’s African Sundowner Wins Gold at Global Cider Masters 2023!

Loxtonia Cider’s African Sundowner has been awarded the prestigious Gold at The Global Cider Masters 2023 in London this July, solidifying its position as an exceptional cider. The cider pays homage to the majestic baobab tree, an iconic symbol of the African continent often referred to as “The Tree of Life.”

Central to Loxtonia’s ethos is their Orchard-to-Bottle philosophy. Founder & Cider Master, Larry Whitfield, emphasizes their commitment to capturing the genuine essence of apple cider and preserving the goodness of this remarkable fruit in every bottle. Each apple variety is meticulously grown and nurtured in their orchard with utmost care.

Loxtonia’s cider-making process is a testament to simplicity and naturalness, utilizing minimal intervention and the purest ingredients. Their sustainable approach extends to their production, powered by solar energy, aligning with their belief that the natural nutrients from the soil, water, and Ceres Valley sunshine are all that’s necessary to create the perfect cider.

Thrilled with the Gold win for their African Sundowner Baobab flavored Cider, the team expresses immense pride in crafting a one-of-a-kind cider that embodies the beauty of their country. The cider holds a special place in their hearts, designed to be enjoyed with loved ones as the sun sets on another splendid day in South Africa.

For further details, visit www.loxtonia.co.za.

Pic source: www.loxtonia.co.za

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