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Gordon Ramsay Learns the Art of a Zulu Fish Braai

In the National Geographic series: Uncharted Gordon Ramsay travels the globe experiencing new cultures and new cuisines in search of culinary inspiration.

In KZN, South Africa, he must try to catch a fish to cook for the Zulu chief, but the dam he is fishing in is inhabited by hippos.

He joins chef Zola Nene and learns how to hone his Zulu warrior skills, braai a fish, and make Ushatini, a simple, fresh relish that adds a pop of freshness and brightness to meals.

Despite its diversity, “peeling back those layers and understanding the simplicity of the cuisine is instrumental,” says Ramsay, after cooking with Nene next to another hippo-occupied waterway. And since it’s the goal of Uncharted to highlight indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques, Ramsay enjoys the challenge. “It’s been an amazing week for me getting up to speed on the Zulu culture, and understanding that level of respect for the produce and cooking with such humble ingredients. From a chef’s point of view, it’s super religious for me.”

Get the simple Ushatini recipe here.

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