Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Cape Town could face another Earthquake

Prof Andrzej Kijko, an expert in seismology believes Cape Town could experience another earthquake and in the near future.

He predicts this one will be on a bigger scale than last weeks 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck ±1600 km south-east of South Africa. Kijko estimates potential damages from a larger earthquake could cost structural insurance companies around R10 billion. A quake like this would seriously affect the Mother City.

“While we cannot say exactly when an earthquake will occur in Cape Town, what we can say is that once an earthquake happens in a particular area it will happen again at a similar magnitude, It’s only a question of when. – Kijko.

Prof Andrzej Kijko is the Director of the University of Pretoria Natural Hazard Centre, Africa at the University of Pretoria. As an internationally acclaimed researcher, he has been active in engineering geophysics and seismology for over 36 years.



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