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Dr Taban saves Covid-19 patients in SA with new procedure

South Sudanese born pulmonologist, Dr. Emmanuel Taban is saving the lives of critically-ill COVID-19 patients in South Africa with his novel use of therapeutic bronchoscopies.

While Dr. Taban was treating Covid-19 patients in ICU he became intrigued as to why certain patients who initially responded well to ventilation deteriorated after a few days.

He decided to perform a bronchoscopy to see what was going on in the lungs and found several mucous plugs that were the cause of blocked airways, he decided to remove them resulting in oxygen levels returning to normal and speedy recovery of patients.

Dr. Taban is the first in the world to try this procedure and has published a study on his findings of this new technique.

Watch Carte Blanche’s The Extrodinary Life of Emmanual Taban, a truly heart warming story.

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