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Getting a UK Sim

You have arrived and now need to be contactable, well you will be pleased to know that with the mobile network competition in this country getting a sim or mobile contract is extremely reasonable compared to SA and a breeze to arrange.

Your most popular networks are probably O2, Vodafone and EE but the list goes on so a comparison website is a good way to go for the best deals. Take Uswitch for instance, this gives you a filter of exactly what you looking for on maximum monthly cost, contract length, minutes and data you require. Texts are mostly unlimited believe it or not. To give you an idea we visited Uswitch and have given two examples below.

Contract Length: No Contract
Minutes: 1000
Texts: Unlimited
Data: 2GB
Cost: £4.95

Contract Length: No Contract
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Data: 30GB
Cost £10.00 (No this isn’t a typo!)

You can get a pay as you go sim which can later be converted to a contract. We would suggest getting a sim only contract as soon as you are able to as this will assist you in building your credit rating. After a few months you can upgrade your contract to include a phone if needed.

Living in the cities you don’t need to worry about your network signal however if you are out in the country it might be worth checking for your best mobile network coverage by your unique postcode.

Hopefully, you remembered to unlock your phone in SA to allow any SIM, but if you didn’t don’t worry there are mobile repair shops in your area that offer this service, you are most probably looking at a cost of approx. £30 – £50.

Take your passport with you and proof of address just in case.

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