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Kim Prytz’s 20.5km Swim from Melkbos to Robben Island

World first – Cape Adventure Swimmer, Kim Prytz to swim 20.5km breaststroke in her Melkbosstrand – Robben Island – Melkbosstrand swim to raise funds for the Goedgedacht Trust and their Path onto Prosperity Olive Peace Grove

Capetonian adventure swimmer Kim Prytz, will become the first swimmer in the world to swim to Robben Island from Melkbosstrand and back, when she takes to the Cape’s unpredictable waters later this month.  Prytz is aiming to complete the demanding swim of 20.5km in 12 hours to raise much-needed funds and awareness for Goedgedacht Olive Peace Grove and their Path Onto Prosperity initiative. 

Whilst crawl is the traditional stroke recognised for this world-renowned swim, no one has completed the challenge or done it using breaststroke as their preferred means.  This will, however, mark Prytz’s seventh swim using this stroke, to the former prison island but her first in a double Melkbos attempt.

Prytz, who will turn 49 years old in May this year, hails from the Cape’s Southern Suburbs and is a music teacher (singing and piano), as well as an avid karate practitioner (she will be competing in the world championships later this year).  She also incorporates the daily practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi into her training.

Of why she has chosen the Goedgedacht Trust as a beneficiary for her latest adventure, Prytz says: “Malmesbury is an area I visit often and the work the Trust does with rural children is exemplary and I couldn’t imagine a more valid and connected cause for me than supporting an organisation dedicated to peace and prosperity, which is what the world needs now more than ever.”

Valerie Govender, Marketing Manager at Goedgedacht Trust, is elated that attention is being drawn to the project’s good works: “We are delighted that Kim has chosen Goedgedacht as her charity of choice as she swims this gruelling course. Our Path Onto Prosperity centres are not just beacons of hope in the rural communities of the Swartland but catalysts for a brighter future too. As we celebrate 30 years, we are so very grateful for friends like Kim who support our work and allow us to make a difference where it matters most.”

Kim’s Prosperity Swim will be supported by Big Bay Events who will monitor the swim and record it for posterity, although of utmost importance to Prytz is her message to anyone who has ever been told “no” they could not do something, and to realise that with the right mindset, anything is possible.  “These long hours in the water are not a hardship for me as it has emerged as a practice of “profound meeting” and an opportunity to do a bit of good. My friend Lisa Kirsch initiated a training camp a few years ago and I have not looked back since and continue to follow my nose so to speak as to where to next.”

Prytz, who stopped taking no for answer the first time she entered the water for a long-distance swim, rises at 04H00 each morning and begins the day with meditation, before a 45-minute run and early morning Karate training seven days a week.  She also ensures her mind is in tip top condition with 10 hours of Qi Gong or Tai Chi per week and several sessions of warrior training or boxing. In between all of which, she shares her expertise with her students. 

To help support Kim and Goedgedacht Olive Peace Garden’s Path Onto Prosperity, please donate to: Olive Peace Grove via this link: or directly to: Olive Peace Grove, Standard Bank Mowbray Branch, Account: 075170485.  Please reference: “Kim’s Swim”.

For media enquiries, interviews, more information or to attend the swim launch which will take place on a weather day between 19 – 28 February 2023, please contact Kaz Henderson on 082 339 1199 or 

For more information about Goedgedacht Trust please refer to their website at

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