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List of countries that can’t visit South Africa

Travellers from all African countries are allowed to visit South Africa however, leisure travellers from 60 high-risk countries will not yet be permitted to travel to South Africa. Countries will be assessed every fortnight.

The following list was announced by Home Affairs Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi and published on the government’s news website.

  1. Albania
  2. Argentina   
  3. Armenia                 
  4. Austria                 
  5. Bahrain                 
  6. Belgium                 
  7. Bolivia                 
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Brazil             
  10. Chile             
  11. Columbia         
  12. Costa Rica         
  13. Croatia             
  14. Czech Republic     
  15. Denmark
  16. Ecuador         
  17. France            
  18. Georgia         
  19. Greece             
  20. Guatemala         
  21. Guyana            
  22. Honduras         
  23. Hungary        
  24. Iceland             
  25. India
  26. Iran
  27. Iraq
  28. Ireland
  29. Israel
  30. Jamaica
  31. Jordan
  32. Kuwait
  33. Lebanon                 
  34. Luxemburg                 
  35. Maldives               
  36. Malta              
  37. Mexico                 
  38. Moldova                 
  39. Montenegro                          
  40. Nepal             
  41. Netherlands       
  42. North Macedonia       
  43. Oman            
  44. Palestine         
  45. Panama       
  46. Paraguay          
  47. Peru             
  48. Portugal        
  49. Puerto Rico         
  50. Qatar             
  51. Romania      
  52. Russia  
  53. Slovakia                                
  54. Suriname
  55. Switzerland
  56. Ukraine
  57. United Emirates
  58. United Kingdom
  59. USA
  60. Venezuela    

“All travellers visiting the country will be expected to abide by the regulations which include mandatory wearing of masks at all times, practising social distancing in public spaces, regular washing or sanitizing of hands and presenting a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours from the time of departure.” – DIRCO Minister Pandor

The exception for travellers from high-risk countries will be business travellers with scarce and critical skills, including diplomats, repatriated persons, investors and people participating in professional sporting and cultural events.

Watch the NCCC media briefing below.

Those needing to get to SA urgently could fly via a non-banned country and spend 10 days there before flying to SA.

If you need to travel on business to South Africa from a ‘Banned’ Country read this informative article. It contains information on visas too.

For UK Government travel advice to South Africa click here.

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