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The Happy Camper

I am a person that loves spending a few days out in nature, exploring and visiting quaint little villages in the countryside. This can become a costly hobby but camping always works out cheaper.

When we first arrived in the UK it wasn’t long before I decided to plan our first getaway. Although I found the prices extremely reasonable, my immediate findings were shock and horror as most campsites won’t allow fires . . WTF!

Now, that is a game-changer for me as this is an absolute necessity when camping. So, my next search was “Campsites that allow fires” and ta-dah . . . a list came up.

Sitting around a “gesels vuur” with your drink of choice, laughing, singing with friends and taking care of your potjie on the side under the stars, is the ultimate experience. Oooh, and those marshmallows.

There is nothing better than stepping out of your tent and being smack bang in the middle of the countryside with rivers, forests, a bit of history, beautiful walks and of course a quaint little pub to keep you refreshed.

Whatever type of camping you prefer you will be able to find, just be really specific on the filters in your search on the various sites. You can find a yurt with a log burner, a beautiful piece of land, big trees, next to a river, clean ablutions and hot showers are all on offer.

Camping in the UK South Africans

Here’s my pick of the best sites to search for campsites.

Don’t forget to add your filters.

Do yourself a favour and plan a camping trip in the UK. South African Style.

Camping in Europe is also fantastic. I have camped in a number of places in France which were excellent and very affordable, so brush up on your French, they are very welcoming to South Africans.

Kerri Herbst

Kerri South Africans UK

Just a happy Camper!

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