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Whispers From the African Bush

South African illustrator, author David Anderson has published a children’s book entitled Whispers from the African Bush which is now available to purchase in the UK on amazon.co.uk.

The book was originally published in South Africa by Shuter & Shooter Publishers under its original title of Whispers from the Bushveld along with a second collection entitled More Tales from the Bushveld. Both books are recommended reading in the South African school system.

Keen for new challenges, David moved to Toronto, Canada in 1990 along with his young family. He had been the editorial cartoonist for a number of South African publications including The Rand Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and The Star, Johannesburg. He now works as a freelance illustrator, children’s book author and cartoonist.

Tips for budding authors: Write about things you love or are at least passionately interested in, and develop a thick skin. Unless you are very lucky you will have your prize creation rejected a number of times before it is accepted. Join writer’s groups, use social media and never stop learning.

“If you do read “Whispers if the African bush” and it resonates with your kids, I’d love to see reviews on Amazon”. – David Anderson

David Anderson



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