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Winter in the UK – A South African Experience

Winters in the UK can be a lot harsher than that on the African continent dependent on where you resided in SA. If you are new to the UK you may find it quite a shock but all is not that bad, you just need to be equipped and make yourself as comfy as possible.

Heating is generally on between October and April in the UK and the rule of thumb is to program your heating to switch on early in the morning for an hour or so and then again in the early evening for about 2 hours. You may prefer to leave the heating on at a comfortable temperature all day throughout the winter. The average temperature is around 19°c. (Average 3-bedroomed home).

Heating can dry out the air so you could invest in a de-humidifier to correct the balance. To conserve energy switch certain radiators off in your home if you are not using the area. Shut doors and windows to reduce heat loss.

A long, comfy jacket, thermal underwear, a good pair of slippers, beanie, scarf, and gloves are a must. Let’s not forget the hot water bottle or electric blanket. Umbrellas are only £1 at the Poundshop.

If you have a log-burning fireplace on a cold winter’s night it may be cheaper to fire that baby up right now. Ensure wood is sourced, dried and stored correctly. There are loads of SA companies in the UK that import Namibian and South African wood. Visit our A to Z directory and support South African businesses in the UK.

Remember to open your windows from time to time to generate fresh airflow, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas where condensation could occur. Wipe down windows, walls and doors in order to prevent mould.

Get about and explore, venture out every day even if it’s for a brisk walk, shopping, or a cake and coffee, you will be amazed at what you see and find.

Certain energy suppliers offer a cheaper energy rate after hours so check if your supplier offers these off-rate tariffs, you can conserve more energy by setting your dishwasher/washing machine timer to operate during these hours.

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