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Another Ocean Basket to Open in Kingston upon Thames

Yes it’s true! But you will have to wait a bit. The new Ocean Basket in Kingston upon Thames is set to open in September this year. The Mediterranean-styled seafood restaurant opened its first UK venue in Bromley in February this year. South Africans flocked to to get a taste of their favourite dishes and the restaurant has recieved positive reviews.

CEO of the Ocean Basket group said South Africans drove hours to get to the restaurant in Bromely when it opened and brought their British friends along too.

Pics: Facebook Ocean Basket UK

The Ocean Basket was started in 1995 by Fats and George Lazarides, in Pretoria and has made a strong name for itself over the years now boasting over 220 restaurants globally including South Africa, Cyprus, Malta, Mauritius and now the UK.

Find out more at: https://bit.ly/3xJlZ49

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Latest Posts