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Gordon Ramsay in KZN, South Africa

Gordon Ramsay’s National Geographic series: Uncharted was released in June 2020. In the series, he cooks around the globe while discovering new flavours and foods.

In Season 2 he heads to Durban, KZN to learn more about the traditional food and diverse culture of the area.

He cooks for a Zulu Chief, learns how to braai and picks mussels amongst other exciting adventures.


A visit to an Indian/Afro spice shop had the enthusiastic owner mixing him up a special “slightly spicy, skop and donner” mix. (26.19 seconds in)

She also suggests Gordon try the “Mother In Law Exterminator” which proved to be slightly too hot. “Why did you do that to me? Holy Mackerel!”

Watch the full episode below.

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Latest Posts