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Here’s how to grow your own Gem Squash in the UK

Gem Squash are a variety of Summer Squash also known as Cucurbito Pepo. They are actually quite straight forward to grow and don’t require much attention given the right conditions. Yes, even in the UK climate!

They can be planted indoors from March and outdoors from Mid April – to prevent any frost from damaging the seedlings. If you’re planting out in pots, ensure you have a good-sized pot and if you are planting them directly in the ground give them enough space to grow.

Providing they get watered regularly and get as much sun as possible, the little gems will be ready to harvest in around 100 days. 

Gem Squash are a dark green cricket ball sized squash when ripe and have a tender yellow delicious tasting flesh.

In addition, Gem squash are low in calories and have good amounts of vitamin A and C, as well as iron, folate, potassium and niacin. 

Ricky and Wayde, from Gem Squash UK are two chaps born in Africa who missed their gems so much they decided to plant their own and have achieved year on year success.

They have even created a range of fabulous grow packs to get you started on your journey to homegrown veggie goodness.

Having initially started on only Gem Squash, we have now grown our family to include Patty Pan, Pumpkin, Butternut, Courgettes and Sunflowers. We will continue to grow and develop our range based on our customer feedback. 

Order your seeds, grow packs and plants online, delivered to your door at really great prices from Gem Squash UK.

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