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Moving to the UK with Pets

This is quite a contentious subject in many groups. Some people feel that the expense of moving a pet is unattainable, others believe that there is really no choice to be made.

We fall into the latter category. When we moved, we brought four elderly pets. They were interwoven into the fabric of our family and there was no way that we would abandon them. We understand that this is not an option for everyone, but we would like to help you if you make the decision to bring them with.

One of the great things about moving your pets to the UK is that there is no quarantine period. You simply fetch them from the airport and take them to their new home. However, if you do not follow all the rules your pet could be quarantined for up to four months or worse.

Time frame
This is the difficult part; it is not a quick process. Your pet will need to have an up to date rabies test and a three-month wait before they can enter the UK. As soon as you have the results of the blood test you can make arrangements.

Contacting a professional
While it is a costly endeavour, it is worth getting a professional company to assist you. They will provide all the necessary information as well as large crates that your pet can travel in. They will collect them from your home and deliver them to you at the airport in the UK. Make sure that you are using an approved transport company and route.

What do you need to know?
• Your pet needs to arrive no more than 5 days before or after you.
• Your pet needs the following before they can travel:
They have to be microchipped
They will need a commercial health certificate if they are flying unaccompanied
They need to be vaccinated against rabies and have a Rabies Titre test at least 3 calendar months (92 days) before travel
Valid vaccinations (5 in1 for Dogs; 3 in1 for Cats) over 30 days, less than 12 months
They need to have a tapeworm treatment

Make sure that your pet is not on the banned dog list before you plan to bring them into the country.

This greatly varies on the size of your pet. However, you can expect to pay around R20 000 per pet.


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I am an ex-teacher turned part time CV writer,  online educator, and blogger who moved to Ireland with my husband three years ago. We brought along 4 pets and too many books to count. After a year in Ireland we made the move to London. We love exploring new places and taking long hikes around Surrey where we live. All of which I exploit on my blog that mostly serves to amuse my mother and my best friends. 

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