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Renewing your South African Passport at the High Commission in London

Time to renew your adult South African Passport? You can apply via post or visit the High Commission at 15 Whitehall in London. You will need an appointment which you can apply for via email. Don’t bother to just rock up as you’ll be denied entry by the very South African doorman.

To secure your appointment you’re required to send an email to with the subject line – Passport RenewalAdult.

Expect a wait of up to 2 months for a reply with your appointment date and instructions. State your full name, I.D. number and date of birth in your email.

MUST Fill in forms DHA-73 and B1-529 (a determination of citizenship form). You will also be given an additional form to complete while you are there. Click here to download the guidelines for adult passports supplied by the High Commission.

Important to take along a black pen, your South African ID and Passport, with 2 copies of each, your passport photos and any other passport/citizenship information along with your birth certificate (and 2 copies) if you were not born in South Africa. It is definitely a good idea to print 2 blank copies of the forms and fill in the basics just in case you need to amend them.

Have your parent’s ID numbers to complete the B1-529 form. If you do not have access to that information just state you do not know on the application form.

You may have to wait for up to an hour to be assisted with your application. Once you’ve submitted your forms you’ll be sent to the payment counter, have your £35 ready in cash, and take the exact amount as they may not have change. Next is your fingerprints, wash your hands and you’re set to go.

Collection time of your passport is a bit of a debate, be prepared to wait up to 16 months. On receipt, it claims 6 – 9 months and not to contact until this time has expired. If you happen to visit SA in the meantime, apply there too.

Getting there is pretty straightforward with various transport options and map apps available. It’s a brisk 15-minute walk from Waterloo Station or the closest station to the South African High Commission is Charing Cross.

Walking from Waterloo, expect to see these landmarks so you know you’re on the right track.

Waterloo Station
You’re in the right place. Head up these steps, Mandela will be waiting at the top.
You’re heading in the right direction.
You’re almost there when you’re at Trafalgar Square to your right. A few more steps and you turn left onto Whitehall.
You made it!

Click here for the location on Google Maps.

All in all, we found the experience ok.

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