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SA High Commission Update

Many South Africans living in the UK have been unable to get much response from the South African High Commission (SAHC) in London over the past few months, here’s a brief update . . .

The SAHC in London remains closed at this time and staff are working remotely. Despite the automated response, they are attending to your emails.

The High Commission is currently unable to attend to walk-in clients or receive postal applications for consular, civic, or immigration matters. They are encouraging people to prepare any documentation in advance and wait for a date (that will be published on the SAHC website) as to when to post your documents. Visit the website for updates.

If you need to travel urgently and require emergency travel documents you can follow the procedure below.

Email: and with the subject line, Emergency Travel to South Africa and your I.D. number.

Attach any supporting documents as proof of your emergency, ie. death certificate, burial order, hospital letter etc.

Click here to check which forms to complete and attach to your email.

Please do not post applications/documents/passports to the High Commission until government restrictions have been lifted.

If you have already applied for a passport and want to check the status of your passport application email Make sure you include your I.D. number.

Good news is reported by SA People who suggest the turnaround time for the issuing of passports is being addressed and should improve soon.

All form downloads:

Visit the website for updates and more information

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